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Power Banks

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These Branded Logo Power Banks will Give Your Promo a Boost

Give power to the people with these custom promotional power banks. Connect with your employees and clientele through the gadgets they use daily. Power bank chargers make for practical prizes at trade shows, sure to boost your chances of landing potential clients. They also make generous giveaways for employees, volunteers, and brand ambassadors. Give the gift of portable power for phones, tablets, laptops, and other on-the-go devices. Connect with your clientele by giving them a gift that keeps on giving.

When selecting your custom power bank, consider the charging capacity. This is measured in milliampere Hour (mAH). The higher the mAH, the greater the capacity the charger has. Our power banks are small, slim and sleek, but don’t let size fool you. These power banks can fully charge iPhones and other tech devices!