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Hi Vis Safety Wear

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Stay safe while you work with some of our value focused Hi Vis Safety Wear uniforms! Everything you see here can be embroidered or printed with your organisations logo. High quality material, easy process and great value!

Promote Safety in the Workplace with Custom Safety Wear

Stay safe and visible while on the job with high visibility apparel and workwear safety items such as earplugs, gloves, and safety glasses. Custom safety wear such as vests, jackets, tees and caps in neon yellow and orange colors or with reflective stripes helps your business comply with OSHA and ANSI Class 2 standards.

Reflective vests and t-shirts will make sure that your employees are always safe and visible, while your logo will unify your crew and make them identifiable. Our popular Reflective Vest is a great, low cost choice. Beanies, baseball hats, and sunglasses help to add extra visibility and protection in any season, especially for those who work outside when it is cold or sunny.

Value Focused Work Wear and Safety Wear: prices include your logo!

We feature here a range of great quality work wear and branded safety wear that is fully compliant with Australian Standards. Made from quality materials this range encompasses these following garments:

Hi Vis Jackets, Pants, Fleeces, Polo Shirts, Singlets, Vests and Shirts and also durable and tough work Overalls, Jackets, Pants, Shorts and Shirts!

All of these garments that we supply include your logo embroider or other decoration such as a screenprint. When you look at each product it will say what sort of decoration is included in the price.

Our logo embroidery is a double industry standard 10 000 stitch embroider. This allows your branding to be reproduced without compromise.

Important Safety Wear Information

The high-visibility properties of clothing offered by Promotion Products may be diminished by normal wear over prolonged time or if the fabric is stretched or not cared for properly. Our Safety Wear uses fibres have been tested and comply to Australian Standards AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 Class D day use safety wear. Weather conditions such as rain change the compliance of these garments.

Each garment that meets Australian Standards notes which standard it complies to. We look forward to helping you further.