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All you need to know about personalized pens


When Were Pens Invented?

Back in 3200 BCE, ancient civilizations began recording history on papyrus, a material similar to paper, with pens carved from reed plants or bamboo stalks. Over time, convenience and affordability led to important inventions like the fountain pen in 1827 and the ballpoint pen in the 1930s.

How are Pens Made?

The plastic in pens start out as teeny, tiny pellets before they’re melted down and injection molded. From there, pens go through a series of steps before they’re ready for writing.

The Different Types of Pens

There are a lot of different pen choices to choose from. You can purchase either fountain, ballpoint, rollerball, gel, or felt-tip pens. Whether you’re a speed-writing guru or lover of all things metallic, your perfect pen is waiting for you.

Can Pens be Recycled?

By taking your pens apart and teaming up with your local recycling plant, you can recycle old, dried-up, or unwanted pens. That’s not all! There are even ways to reduce and reuse these popular writing utensils.

How Do Inks Get Their Colors?

Most pen inks come in black, blue, and red, but there are a wide variety of colors to choose from. Find out how a powder can transform into a colorful liquid that dries as soon as it makes contact with paper.

Advertising with Pens

Pens are the perfect budget promos for any business. Follow our design tips and you’ll be sure to have the coolest pens around!

The Anatomy of Pens and Pencils

Believe it or not, there’s a reason pen caps have holes in them and pencils come equipped with an eraser! From ballpoint pens to colored pencils, each writing tool is unique and made up of different parts that work together.

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