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How to Make Loyalty Corporate Gifts Impact Big


Corporate gifts are perfect medias to affirm and encourage working relationships with clients, colleagues, and prospective clients alike, all year long. In fact, corporate gift giving doesn’t just have to happen during the holidays, they could be given out to clients and prospects at anytime of the year to show your appreciation and wish to develop a business relationship. And corporate gifts giving is also a key part of staff incentive strategies. So, if doing it right, you can take care of two important aspects of your growing business with one tool.

However, it isn’t easy to find an ideal corporate gift that makes both clients and employees happy, even if it’s possible, that would be awkward. So we will cover the following aspects to make the corporate gift we’re giving out is appropriate and impact big:

  • Dos and Don’ts in business gifts giving
  • How to choose the right corporate gifts for clients and prospects
  • What are the perfect gifts for employees
  • How to choose a reliable corporate gifts supplier

Dos and Don’ts in business gifts giving – Corporate gift giving etiquette you must know

Business gifting can be an awkward experience if you’re not familiar with the particulars of gift giving and receiving etiquette. Spending too much, too little, or handing a gift at an inappropriate time or place may cause your good intentions to be overshadowed by such accidental flub. So before you start buying corporate and business gifts, keep in mind some DOs and DON’Ts.

DO check company policy on corporate gifting and accepting, as you wouldn’t want it turns out to be bribery in the end. When planning a business gift giving, make sure you know about the receivers’ work policy, if not, check with them first. As some financial, insurance, and medical industries prohibit accepting gifts, or have limits for the kinds of gifts they can accept.  And you will also need to check with your department director or boss on the budget you could spend as well, then you would expel yourself from potential troubles.

DO keep your gift recipients in mind and tailor them the perfect gifts. Corporate and business gifts giving is not only to hand out logoed items and present your company brand, but more important, a long-term process of strengthening business relationships. So study them, know them and give them the something meaningful at your affordable budgets. They will feel your care.

DON’T JUST focus on holidays, you can make a normal day special. Holidays are the most popular time for Corporate and Business Gifts, your gift might sink in the bulky. So think outside of the box, make an effective impact on other occasions and important events, such as a completion of a big project, anniversary of your business relationship, the closing of a deal, or as a “thank you” for going above and beyond.

DON’T LEFT OUT anyone, as office gossips might be destroy-able. If you are planning on giving out corporate and business gifts for the holidays, be sure to include everyone.  This is vitally important if you’re looking for corporate gifts for staffs, as they are likely to talk with one another, and your kind gesture may be viewed negatively if an overlooked employee or client feels slighted.  To avoid accidentally forgetting someone, keep a list of your clients and employees, check it when sending out your corporate and business gifts.

Let’s see how to get the right thank-you gift to express your appreciation to business partners.

#1 What are the gifts for? Company anniversary celebration, holiday greetings, client’s birthday, special day, or a specific event souvenir. Making sure why giving out the custom gift would finish half of the selecting work.

#2 Identify them. You must know who are going to receive the gifts. Men, women, elderly, families, kids or couples. Identify their personality will help narrow down the list and pick the ideal items that touch the receivers’ hearts. Letting they know that you care.

#3 Make it fit the budget. We want to give the best we could to the clients, but as a program of marketing strategy, budget is our bottom line that could not cross. So pick a bulk of items that could satisfy the client yet within budget.

Next, let’s see what can we do with staff loyalty program.

As we all know a happy and motivated employee will work harder. And the very important factors related to that will be financially happy and mentally motivated. How to achieve that?

  • Reward them with money. Simple and straight. And everyone especially sales person loves it. Monthly bonus, annually bonus, sales commission… anything that will incentive them to feel success will motivate them to work harder.
  • Promotion. We don’t just need money to live a better life, and we need recognition from others. A promotion after hard work in months or years will make it quite valuable.
  • Branded corporate gifts. Corporate uniform, branded work gear… all make them pride for working in a decent company.
  • Corporate fitness program. Your effort is well noticed from the excellent work, and we also care about your health.

When all set, you can shoot out to get/make the perfect corporate gifts for the receivers. As you know sourcing is so convenient nowadays. just google and get the right supplier to help with your orders.

  • If the quantity is small and only need simple branding work, get some supplier local, they could give the best service;
  • If you are looking for something from scratch, get a manufacturer or trader, tell then your requirements and make it happen. Make sure you have enough time for the mounding and sampling.
  • If you just want items without trouble, contact PromoBM, we will have all the above solved, and deliver to your office, all you need to do is just confirm the design and wait.
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