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Summer is officially HERE – and we are ALL IN. But before you and your customers start slipping out for Summer Fridays, consider this: summer is the perfect time to add a little fun to your promotional product roundup. And consider this: some of the season’s most sought-after essentials aren’t budget-busting – in fact, they’re coming in well under $1.

Yes, $1.

As in less than a cup of coffee.
As in less than an hour of beach parking.
As is “I-literally-can’t-get-anything-for-$1 $1.”


Don’t believe us? Consider these high-impact, low-cost summer staples, all ready to print, produce and get out the door stat – and all $1 or less.


DRAWSTRING BACKPACKSeriously, where aren’t you going in the summer? From the beach to the park to that weekend getaway you’ve been dreaming about since Monday morning, summer is all about hitting the road and this drawstring sports pack is ready for action.

Choose from 17 colors including some serious summer trends – lime green and camo, plus other faves – pop your branded message on the front and watch as these bags start popping up literally everywhere. For a little added fun, and more promotional oomph, consider driving recipients to share where their pack lands this summer, with a customer hashtag so you can follow the action.

#2. STADIUM CUP, $0.36cup

There’s no better way to toast summer than with these 16-ounce stadium cups. Totally reusable, and 100% recyclable, these cups are ready for the company picnic, outdoor concerts and events or, simply, kicking back in the backyard and sipping on something summery. Cheers to that.


This is the Year of the Straw – seriously. With more and more restaurants and coffee shops kicking plastic straws to the curb, people are constantly in search of cool, reusable straws they can grab and stash away for their next on-the-go sip session. Why not make that go-to your branded straw – and why not make that straw one that’s totally cool and totally buzz-worthy?COLOR-CHANGING STRAW,

Enter these color-changing straws complete with big, bold company branding. Slip one in a cold drink, take a sip and the color instantly changes – from blue to purple, yellow to green or any one of five color combos. Then, when you’re done getting your sip on, these straws rinse clean and are ready for that next meal, snack or cold brew break.

#4. LARGE FLYER, $0.73

Seriously, what’s a park without a Frisbee®-style disc flying through the air?

And these large LARGE FLYER“flyers” are perfect for those new to the flyer arts as well as experienced flyers and everyone in between. That’s because these classic plastic toys come in six bold colors – you literally can’t miss them as they fly through the sky – and are definitely on the larger side, making them ideal for tossing around and getting your message out. Another perk? They ship in one business day. Order them now, have them by the weekend – perfect.


The reality? We DO NOT (repeat: DO NOT) want to get sick over the summer.

Even one sick day can mean missing out on the BBQs, beach days and all the kicking back and hanging out that comesHAND SANITIZER SPRAY with the season. And we, for one, are NOT planning to miss out.

Enter the portable hand sanitizer spray, one of the best tools to combat the sneezes, sniffles and all-out virus attacks that seem to take over every playground and picnic. These spray pumps are perfect to toss in your bag, your car or, even, your pocket and go – and perfect to whip out and spray down your hands, your kids and everyone else in your general vicinity at the first signs of an “achoo!”

And, best of all, your customers and other recipients will see your branding and stay-well messaging every time they kill the germs – really, what’s a better alignment?

#6. BOTTLE OPENER, $0.42

Let’s face it: everyone loves the guy with the bottle opener at the ready.

This one is a classic, that HAND SANITIZER SPRAYeasily attaches to any key chain for quick, on-the-go use – because, let’s face it, those summer microbrews and artisanal sodas aren’t opening themselves.

These Crab Bottle Openers are easy to tote, easy to use and will, no doubt, be a crowd pleaser during the summer months and beyond. Choose from eight colors and ensure your branding is big, bold and visible – you want everyone who takes a sip to know that you are the bottle-opening hero in this summer story.

Get in touch to order these and other fun summer premiums now.

Many items ship within one business day, so you can start getting the word out right now.


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