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Our promotional beanie caps, custom embroidered scarves, and business logo imprinted fleece ear bands are some of the best personalized winter apparel items you’ll find. We offer promotional jacquard woven beanie caps, stylish custom business logo imprinted knit hats with pom-poms, fun promotional beanies with cuffs, sturdy acrylic knit beanie hats, durable personalized anti-pill finish beanie caps, and several others.

Promotional Beanie Caps and Custom Scarves

Are you looking for a promotional product that will get a lot of use throughout the winter? Don’t wait! Check out our large selection of custom winter hats, perfect for keeping heads warm and your brand on the mind. Not only will they get a lot of wear, but they will work as a walking billboard for your business for all to see. Keep your clients warm and happy this holiday season and browse through our collection of custom winter hats. Specific information on types of materials and construction can be found below! For more questions, please call our PromoBM team of promotional product experts at anytime!

What Kind of Promotional Beanie Hat Styles Are Available?

When you shop with PromoBM, you have a grand array of promotional beanie cap styles at your disposal. Chunky knit beanie caps, anti-pill finish beanie caps, beanie caps with interior microfleece lining, and ribbed knit beanie caps are just some of your choices.

Chunky Knit Beanie Hats

We have a few hats that are knitted in a chunky fashion. This means that the knit patterns are thicker, therefore appearing more noticeable. Chunky knit usually means that they are hand-knit beanie caps and of higher quality. This makes for a more classic, outdoorsy appearance that anyone would love!

Anti-Pill Finish Beanie Hats

While browsing our promotional beanies you will definitely come across the anti-pill finish feature more than once. This means the fibers are twisted together more closely so it makes for a higher quality material. No-pill has a smoother surface and will make an imprinted logo look more clear. This will keep your promotional apparel attractive for seasons to come!

Beanie Hats with Interior Microfleece Lining

Interior microfleece lining is an ideal way to stave off the cold. It adds softness and protects the tops of your ears from the biting wind and cold. Also, this special lining prevents stretching of the headline for a snugger fit. Not only will heads stay warm, but these custom knit toques will remain a seasonal favorite!

Ribbed Knit Beanie Hats

Ribbed knitting is a type of knit that has a subtle stripe design worked into the fabric. The width of these striped can vary depending on the stitching, but has little impact on anything but appearance. It makes for a very classic appearance that many will love!

What materials are available for promotional beanie caps?

The two main materials available in our promotional beanie caps are acrylic and polyester fleece. You can read a bit about both of these materials below.

Acrylic Knit Beanies

Many of our promotional beanies are made out of acrylic. This is a cheaper alternative to wool, as it is made of a synthetic plastic polymer. Don’t let that trick you, though! It’s as soft and knit-like as can be. So, if you are looking for a bargain beanie, acrylic is the right material to consider! One benefit is that is very easy to clean, when comparing it to real wool. It holds dyes and structure very well, so your logo will imprinted or sewn-in for a long time without wearing.

Polyester Fleece Beanies

A standard knit cap material is polyester fleece. This is a quality material that does the best job keeping you warm and dry. It is a soft, synthetic fabric that holds warmth in and does not let moisture through. It is very durable and also breathable at the same time. A great option for anyone who will seriously be spending time outdoors in the coldest months of winter.

Custom Imprinting and Embroidery for Knit Beanies

Custom logo imprinted beanie hats and custom company logo embroidered beanie caps are some of our most popular promotional apparel items. Read on to learn more about each. Don’t forget, we also carry promotional beanie caps with business logos knit into the fabric.

Promotional Imprinted Logo Beanie Caps

Imprinted logos are not the most abundant option for promotional beanies. Though available, such as this cuffed beanie, it is often overlooked for something more permanent, such as embroidery. With custom knit hats receiving such distress and excessive use, you want a long-lasting design. Some materials allow for imprinting to do just that!

Custom Embroidered Business Logo Beanie Caps

This is the most common option for imprinting a logo onto a custom winter hat. Embroidery is clearly when the logo is sewn into the promotional beanie. This provides a long-lasting way to promote your brand, as only extreme wear-and-tear would impact the embroidery. From 1,000 and 7,000 stitches, to 10,000 included stitches with each embroidered design, you can go as big or small as desired. There are also options from 1-color thread to up to 7 color threads in your first embroidered design! With such options, there is no losing with an embroidered knit cap.

Promotional Beanie Caps with Knit-In Logos

This design option is greatly unique because you can choose color threads to knit directly into a custom beanie! An option for both our beanies and some scarves. Choose from a small selection of different color yarns to include directly in your knit cap. These are often block letters or limited designs so as to stand out more from the background of the cap. Since they are knit in the hat, they will stay intact for longer and generate massive brand exposure. Check out our Jacquard Knit Beanie or even this unique knit cap, to see your knit-in design go far!

Keep the recipients warm and cozy in cold days with a personalized beanie cap branded with your message. They will bring warmth in and knock the competition out! Promote your campaign with one of the most popular giveaways around, decorating the white to colorful picture. We provide you with stylish designs and flexible custom service to help your events get successful at PromoBM. Also display wide range of options for you to find the perfect beanie to winterize your cold campaigns and burning up the brand visibility. Get the rolling now!