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Ballpoint Pen

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What is a ballpoint pen?

On October 30, 1888, history was made when tanner John J. Loud invented and patented the ballpoint pen. Loud was looking for a writing instrument that could write on leather after he found pencils and other utensils weren’t getting the job done. That’s when Loud created a pen with a metal ball that could rotate by being held in a socket. As you write, ink dispenses over the metal ball, usually made of steel, brass, or tungsten carbide, creating a cleaner and more reliable writing instrument. Today, ballpoint pens are arguably the most popular pen on the market due to their functionality, which is why creating custom ballpoint pens with your company logo is your best bet for growing your brand.

Custom Ballpoint Pens

With 50% of consumers owning promotional writing instruments, custom ballpoint pens are a highly effective marketing tool to promote your brand and company logo. These popular promotional products are sure to be snapped up at every trade show and corporate event. And our bulk discount prices make sure that you’ll always have enough personalized pens on hand. Shop our collection of inexpensive ballpoint pens below, and don’t miss our rollerball pens, gel pens and other custom pens. rollerball pens, gel pens and other custom pens.

Custom ballpoint pens are a classic promotional item you can never go wrong with. Ballpoint pens with your logo will help take your brand to the next level in the most subtle of ways. Everyday, people reach for pens to scribble a memo, take notes, and write important things down. When they pick up your promotional ballpoint pen, they’ll remember your name and your company with every word they write. Budget friendly and easy to create, custom ballpoint pens are the perfect promotional item to attach to your business cards, stock your office with, and hand out at trade shows or networking events to grow your business.